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Crochet Cable Stitch
Crochet Cross Stitch

The crochet cable stitch and the crochet cross stitch are similar because they both require you to either work stitches in front of or behind other previously worked stitches.

These stitches are for the more advanced crocheter, but don’t let that scare you off.  Once you get the hang of how these stitches work, you’ll want to use them all the time.

They can be created by using different stitches which will give you lots of variations to choose from.

I’ll just cover the basics here to get you started and show you just how easy and fun they are to work.

Crochet Cable Stitch

There are many, many ways to work the crochet cable stitch.  Some patterns have you work double crochet while others call for triple crochet.  

You may see some cable stitches have 2 stitches crossed and others will have 4 crossed.  There are just lots of variations to this stitch.  

This is just one pattern that will get you started and give you some practice on the technique.

Multiple of 8 + 4 add 1 st to beginning of chain

Special Note:

  • FPtr - Front post treble crochet
  • RS - right side

FPtr- for row 2 - tr around post of row one’s hdc, every row after that work the FPtr below the hdc row (around the tr), be sure to insert the hook, FRONT TO BACK  around the stitch you are working

Row 1

  • hdc in second chain from hook and each across

Row 2

  • (RS) chain 1, turn
  • hdc  in next 4 hdc
  • *FPtr around the next 4 stitches
  • hdc in the next 4 
  • Repeat from * across.

Row 3

  • chain 1, turn
  • hdc in each across

Row 4

  • chain 1, turn,
  • hdc in next  4 hdc
  • *skip the next 2 stitches,
  • FPtr around the next 2 FPtr stitches of row 2. 
  • FPtr around the first skipped stitch,
  • FPtr around the next skipped stitch,
  • hdc in the next 4 stitches. 

  • Repeat across.

Row 5

  • chain 1, hdc across

Repeat rows 2-5 for the pattern.

A Little Hint . . .

 I tend to turn my work to the side just a bit when I'm working the FPtr stitches that cross over.  It seems to make them easier to accomplish.

You'll notice that this stitch creates a little "pocket" on the back of your work.  That is normal.  You're doing it right!  

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Crochet Cross Stitch

There are 2 ways that I know to work this stitch.  There may be more that I don’t know of yet.  I’ve learned 2 ways, though, and I’ll share them both here.

The first one I’ll walk you through is the way I first learned to do the crochet cross stitch.  However, it is the more difficult of the 2.

Even though it is harder, I still prefer that technique.  I think the stitches look cleaner and sharper.  But remember, that’s just my opinion.  Some of my friends think I’m crazy for working the cross stitch that way.

So please, don’t feel like you have to master the first technique to do the stitch correctly.  Both ways are great and will give you a beautiful piece.

Start with a foundation chain in a multiple of 2 +1 for.

Row 1

  • sc in second chain from hook
  • sc in each of the chain stitches across

Your cross stitches tend to look better and stand out more when they are separated by a row of stitches.  This is why my pattern has a row of sc in between the rows of cross stitches.  It will also keep all your cross stitches worked on the same side of the fabric.

Row 2

  • Chain 3
  • dc in first stitch
  • *Skip 1 stitch
  • dc in next
  • dc in skipped stitch

This is where the different techniques come in.

1st Technique - More difficult
(this is the one I prefer)

  • Yo, insert hook through the top chain of the skipped stitch
  • Turn your hook up so that your hooking it around the top of the skipped stitch
  • Pull top of the stitch (carefully) to the front of your work
  • Yo and pull through the top of the skipped stitch

Finish dc as usual

  • Yo and pull through 2 loops
  • Yo and pull through last 2 loops

2nd Technique -- Easier

  • Yo, insert hook through the top chain of the skipped stitch
  • Yo and pull through the top of the skipped stitch, around the back of the completed dc

Finish dc as usual

  • Yo and pull through 2 loops
  • Yo and pull through last 2 loops

Repeat from * across, end with 2 dc in last 2 stitches

Row 3

  • Chain 1, turn
  • sc across

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for pattern.

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