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Double Crochet

Double crochet is a great stitch to learn.  It’s twice as tall as a single crochet giving your project a lighter look and feel.  It also has a very discernible post which can be used in others stitches to create texture. 

Once you have this stitch down, it will be a very quick stitch to work.

It’s abbreviation in patterns is dc (tr –treble crochet- UK).

Let’s work a swatch.

In this swatch, all your turning chains will count as the first stitch of the row.

1.  Ch 23 (3 are your turning chain).

2.  Yo, insert hook in the 4th chain from the hook.

3.  Yo and pull through the chain.  There should be 3 loops on your hook now.

4.  Yo again and pull through the first 2 loops.  There are now 2 loops on the hook.

5.  Yo one last time and pull through the last 2 loops on the hook.

That’s 1 stitch made.

6.  Continue dc in each chain until the end of the row (20 stitches).

7.  *Ch 3 (Turning chain – this is the first stitch in your row.) and turn work.

8.  Skip the first dc in the previous row.  Yo and work dc into the 5th stitch from the hook.

9.  Work dc into each stitch of the previous row.* (20 stitches)

10.  Repeat from * to * 8 times.  You should have 10 rows completed.

11.  Fasten off and weave in ends.


You’ve complete your first swatch of double crochet!

Do you want to practice a little more?  Let’s work another swatch but let’s change colors in this one. 

You’ll not only get practice with this new stitch, you’ll also get practice changing colors at the beginning of a row.

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2 Colors

Pick any 2 colors of yarn.  You’ll want to be sure that the 2 colors are of the same type of yarn, though.  This will be easier and make your swatch more uniform.

  • Color 1 = A
  • Color 2 = B

In this swatch the turning chain will not be counted as the first stitch in the row.  If you want it to, insert your hook into the 5th stitch from the hook.

Row 1

1.  Starting with A, ch 23.

2.  Yo and insert hook into the 4th chain from your hook.

3.  Yo, pull through chain. (3 loops on hook)

4.  Yo, pull through first 2 loops. (2 loops on hook)

5.  Yo and pull through last 2 loops.  Double crochet made!

6.  *Continue dc in each chain until just before the last stitch.

7.  Work your last stitch in the row up to the last step. 

8.  Yo with color B and pull through the last 2 loops on the hook. {20 stitches} 

9.  Cut color A leaving about a 4 inch tail.

10 Ch 3, turn work.

Row 2

1.  Dc in the 4th stitch from the hook.

A Little Hint . . .

Work over the top of both yarn tails.  This will secure the ends and leave less ends to weave in when you finish.

2.  Continue dc to the end of the row until the last step of your last stitch.

3.  Yo with color A and pull through last two loops of stitch.

4.  Cut color B leaving about a 4 inch tail.

5.  Chain 3 and turn work.*

Row 3-10

1.  Repeat form * to * 4 times.  At the end of the last row, don’t change colors or chain 3.

2.  Fasten off and weave in all ends.

You should have 10 rows of alternating colored rows.

You've completed 2 swatches!   You are doing fantastic!

When you’re ready, continue learning the stitches.  Go from Double Crochet to Treble Crochet.

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Double Crochet