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How To Crochet

Learning how to crochet can be so fun and easy, especially when you have someone to help you walk through a project or technique.

When I was first trying to learn, I really wanted to find some step by step instructions to get me started –a walk-through, beginning to end.  It was really hard to find, though, and that was so frustrating to me. 

So, that’s what I want to offer you here.  You’ll find super easy projects with how-to instructions from start to finish.  I’ve included lots of pictures so you can see how each step should look. 

That way you will have something to compare your work to.  You won’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right.  You’ll be able to see for yourself.

Pick and choose which ones you want to do.  Better yet, work through all of them and get a great start to your crocheting experience.  

Crochet Heart

Crochet hearts are the sweetest!  I kind of have an obsession with them.  No matter the pattern, they look lacy and pretty and really just adorable. The best part, they're usually quick and simple to make.  

Crochet Star

Crochet stars are an essential for me.  I use them for my Independence Day decorations, for Halloween and for Christmas, too.   

 I also use them to embellish some of my baby projects and afghans.  They can be used to decorate jeans, purses, and hair accessories, too.  Are you starting to see just how wonderful crochet stars can be?  Check them out here.

 Foundation Rings

Learning to crochet in rounds is an absolute must!

So, let's start with something really easy and that every crocheter should know, Foundation Rings.  Every project crocheted in rounds starts with a foundation ring.  

There are several main ones to know, a chain ring, a yarn ring or a magic ring. 

If you need help with any of these (or just want to refresh your memory) here’s the how-to on foundations rings.

How to Crochet Rounds

Now you’re ready for the walk-through on How To Crochet a Circle.  So many patterns are crocheted in rounds. You’ll definitely want to master this skill. 

 Crochet Coaster  (Rounds - Changing Colors)

Want a little extra practice with rounds before starting a bigger project?  Here’s another easy pattern for a Crochet Coaster which will also give you practice changing colors.

Crochet Hat

A great way to practice crochet rounds is by making a hat or beanie.  There are so many varieties from super basic to more advanced.  These walk-throughs will get you started with basic patterns that you’ll love.  Crochet Hat  Crochet Beanie

Crochet Scarf

Scarves are great beginner projects. They are really nice for practicing all the stitches you’ve learned without getting too complicated.  You’ll probably find yourself trying different patterns and textures all on your own. Crochet Scarf

 Granny Squares

Granny Squares are so much fun.  You can change the look of them just by using different colors of yarn or arranging the colors in different ways.

You can also use them to make pretty much anything, from blankets to purses and everything in-between.  Be careful –you might find them addictive.  I know I do!

Granny Triangle

Crochet granny triangles are just as much fun as the granny squares that inspired them.  This fun variation gives a new twist to a familiar and comforting style.  Enjoy!

Granny Hexagon

Crochet granny hexagons are yet another fun way to work the granny square technique.  These look so beautiful in afghans, too.

Crochet Flowers

Crochet flowers are wonderful and so easy to make.  They have a soft frilly look to them that adds a little extra flair to just about anything.  This is where you learn How to Crochet a Flower.

Crochet Leaves

Every flower needs some leaves, right!  They make great decorations or motifs for just about any time of year.  Learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Leaf or two or a handful.

Crochet Socks

Who doesn't love a great pair of warm cozy socks? They're easier than you think!  Plus, they’ll not only be snugly for you, they’ll make great gifts, too.  Learn How to Crochet Socks here.

Enjoy crocheting your first projects.  Remember you can always go back and repeat one of the walk-throughs and make it completely different.  Just try it with a different kind of yarn or even just changing the color can be fun.  Don’t be afraid to try new things!

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