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Joining New Yarn or Changing Colors

At one point or another you'll be joining new yarn into your crochet projects.  Sometimes it will be to change colors.  Sometimes you'll be starting a new skein of yarn.  Either way, you will add the new yarn in the same way.

There are actually several ways to attach new yarn.  It’s best to learn all the ways, but whenever possible attach new yarn at the end of a row or round.  That will require you, at times, to plan ahead. 

Joining Within a Stitch

Joining within a stitch is quick and very easy to do.  It gives your work a smooth, clean look and your stitches stay uniform.

I definitely favor joining within the last stitch.  I tend to get the best results from it.

1.  Work your last stitch to the last step before it’s completed. 

2.  Hook the new yarn and draw through all loops on the hook. 

3.  Cut the old yarn and continue to your next stitches.  As you continue, work over both yarn tails (if possible).

Joining within a stitch can also be worked easily into the middle of a row when that's needed.

Work to last step of stitch.

Pull through new color.

A smooth, uniform finish.

Joining With a Slip Stitch

1.       Start out with a slip knot on the hook.

2.      Insert the hook in the stitch (or space) that your pattern indicates.

3.        Yo and draw through the stitch and the loop on the hook.

A Little Help . . .

You don't want there to be any knots in your finished project.  Go back and untie the slip know and weave in the end.

Joining with Single Crochet

1.      Start with a slip knot on your hook.

2.      Insert the hook in the stitch (or space) that the pattern indicates.

3.      Yo and pull up a loop.

4.      Yo and draw through both loops on the hook.

Joining New Yarn in Rounds

You can use any of the previous methods when you’re starting new yarn in rounds.  You will have a much cleaner look to your piece, however, if you fasten off the previous yarn at the end of a round.  Then join the new yarn at the beginning of the new round.

1.  Fasten off yarn from previous row.

2.  Insert hook into the last stitch (or stitch indicated) and pull new yarn through.

3.  Work the required number of chains to start your next round.

Continue working stitches. If you can work stitches over one or both yarn tails.

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